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Rydzyna commune is situated in the southern part of Wielkopolska Province, in the vicinity of Leszno (about 10 km), in Leszno district. The district is made up of three picturesque regions: the Leszno Plain, the Bojanowo Ridge and the Polish Trench in between.

Rydzyna is a historical town under the protection of the monument conservator owing to its 18th century urban planning and a large number of monumental buildings. Rydzyna is called “the pearl of Polish baroque” and is considered to be the largest attraction in Leszno region. The town was founded at the beginning of the 15th century by
Jan from Czernina, a descendant of Wierzbnów and a knight of Władysław Jagiełło. At the end of the 17th century the town and its environs were owned by well-known magnates, the Leszczyński and Sułkowski families.

The most valuable of the Rydzyna historical sites is the 15th/17th century castle, formerly the residence of the king
Stanisław Leszczyński and the Sułkowski princes. The castle together with the adjacent park and the surrounding terrain forms one of the most valuable castle-park complexes in Poland.

Rydzyna covers an area of 135,56 km2 and is neighbour to five communes in Wielkopolska Province: Święciechowa, Osieczna, Krzemieniewo, Poniec, Bojanowo and Leszno town and Góra commune (formerly Dolnośląskie Province) The highway no 5 from Poznań to Wrocław passes through the commune. Rydzyna commune is inhabited by 8500 people. The settlement system is made up of 22 settlement units of which 16 have the status of the smallest administrative units in
Poland. Rydzyna has sister communes- Netzen commune in Germany and Krzemieniec commune in Ukraine.

There are large numbers of historical monuments within the town boundaries among them are the baroque tenement houses at the market square together with the town hall and the unique in Poland Trinity figure, the baroque parish church and the evangelical church building. The monumental former annexes to the castle buildings present classicism. All the monuments are the works of prominent architects brought in from all over
Europe by the magnate court of the Leszczyński and Sułkowski families. The Museum of Agriculture and Milling is situated in the renovated windmill, “Józef”.

Rydzyna is an agricultural commune with dynamic industrial growth. The commune has over a thousand registered companies mostly dealing in commerce and gastronomy. There are also companies providing services to the agricultural sector.

Welcome to our commune!


      góra strony  |  wstecz Urząd Miasta i Gminy Rydzyna
ul. Rynek 1, 64-130 Rydzyna
tel. (065) 538 84 34  , fax (065) 538 85 13
e-mail: rydzyna@rydzyna.pl